Twitter Launched The First Ever 360 Degree Video

Twitter launched 360 degree video

Twitter launched 360-degree video with Periscope.

After the YouTube and Facebook Twitter launched 360-degree video with periscope to introduce the new feature for users. Everyone knows Twitter is one of the biggest social networks and it had initiated in July 2006. Like Facebook, management of Twitter is always trying to provide the new features to its users, and by taking another step, Twitter has just launched the 360-degree video live stream through the periscope.

Anybody on Twitter and Periscope can watch the 360-degree video, but currently, just partner go for 360 videos through the periscope, Social Network announced in his blog post. And for the time being it’s only available for the limited number of high-profile partners. But it will be open for everyone after the testing phase.

As we know Twitter is a global social networking platform that enables users to send and read the 140 character messages that are known as a tweet. So, Twitter is trying to release the 360 video for everyone in this year 2017. If your talk about 2016 it was the too much productive year for the twitter and it was also the challenging year for Twitter. Twitter and Periscope were under a lot of weight due to Facebook Live streaming because the publisher is switching over the Facebook in searching or more viewers.

Alex Pettit in Florida uses the first Twitter 360-degree video. Anyone can also see the video on your computer systems and from mobile phones by drag and drop or swiping the mobile screen.

Here is a tweet of Alex Pettitt the first ever 360-degree video.


How does it work?

It looks like in below picture live streamer will plug the camera hooked on the bottom of the mobile to start the broadcasting and video recording.

Twitter launched 360 degree video