Top Websites Best Five Features 2017

top websites best five features

Websites of today’s are no more like that we had in 90’s. Traditionally, websites were considered nothing more a single company profile. But in this digital age where professionals are creating lots of other new ideas such as online business, we must keep in our minds the top websites best five features while developing the site for our businesses.

Here at sharpinside, we gathered the 5 most important features to our readers that every website should have to appeal with users.

Top Websites Best Five Features That Every Website Should Have

Social Media Share Buttons

Everyone is familiar with social media nowadays. Because a majority of us spend at least 50 minutes on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So we must use these buttons to maximum audience reach.

Comments Options

Commenting options is one of the best options to engage the audience on the website. Try to give the right to your users for the comments so they can share their experience and provide you feedback about your latest, trending and recent updates.

Contact Us

If your website demands any personal information from the users then you should add the “contact us” in your main menu, so your visitors always feel safe in any kind of problem regarding information security issues. By doing this, new visitors always feel safe and frequently subscribe at your website.

Search Bar

Search Bar is the most important feature at your website that will allow your visitor to find anything that they are expected from you. By adding the “Search Bar” user will easily find the information that you have to save in your web portal.


Try to add the notification feature on your website. This will appeal to your regular user on a daily basis or to give them the reminder that you are still providing them authentic and latest updates. But don’t forget this should not be irritating for your visitors otherwise they will not subscribe you.