3 Top Social Networks For Earning Purpose

Top social networks

We all live in a most advanced era where technology and innovation are at their peak. We see different innovations on daily bases that are actually putting values in our lives such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams and all other top social networks
Just like all other technologies and innovations, social networks has also changed our lives, and we are becoming addicted to this kind of innovations. Because these innovations have just not made our lives easier but also provide us plat form to earn with them.

As in our previous article, we had listed the top 5 websites to make money online. But in this article, we at sharpinside list down the 3 top social networks that will actually pay you to create and share your content.

Top Social Networks That Pay You For Sharing Content


TSU is the social sites that actually pay you by sharing the unique content and post. The catchiest thing in this website is that it share the 90% revenues with its users it’s shocking for you, but it’s actually happening. If you are excited about this, then remember one thing this is the best social sites for those who want to share their unique content with others, and if you are creating the unique material so, this is the right platform for you.

Bonzo Me

Bonzo Me is the social network that allows its users to creating new videos as well as to watch the commercial ads, Bonzo Me was launched in 2014, but it getting the hype on every new day. Just like other social networks Bonzo Me is also available on App Store Google store for IOS and Android users.


Weare8 is the also the best leading social site which we can use for earning money purpose. Currently, this social network is competing with TSU. Working procedure of this website is more likely TSU. But it just shares the 80 percent of the revenue with users. The good thing about this social site, it is coming up soon with its beta version so people can sign up here quickly.