How To Spend Less Save Extra 5 Powerful Ways For Everyone

spend less save extra

5 tips to spend less save extra

Everyone want to become a rich person in their life. But how you can become rich it is the most important to learn for everyone. Because just having a good business not let you become a rich person in this world. Therefore you need to learn to spend less and save more to become a rich. To become a rich is just not about having a good business. Your will find many rich people who suggest you spend less and save more to become the rich. Here at sharpinside make the list of 6 powerful ways to spend less save extra. Keep learning to learn more.
Here is a detailed post to learn extra money.


Saving money on food is one of the easiest ways. If you are used to going restaurant for lunch and dinner at every weekend then you should stop this habit to go every weekend. Make a plan by monthly or once in a two month. By doing this you can save your big amount. Because restaurants always charge us a big amount that you can save by eating homemade food that is 100 times better then restaurants foods.

Cell Phones

Our cell Phones are liabilities that take over a certain amount of our money on daily basis. We know cell phones are the need of today’s digital era but I would recommend you to develop a habit to less use of a smartphone. This habit can save your money that you spend on daily bases.


Your home is one of the big liability among all liabilities. I am not saying everybody should leave their homes. But it is true it takes lots of money from us on daily basis. You can also save a huge amount if you stop yourself to spend extra amount without any reason such as decorations, use of expensive paints and curtains expensive carpets and etc.


If you are used to using highly expensive public transport then you should stop right now. If you are traveling and using rent a car. Then you must be start using uber and other services to charge less and if your own expensive car then you should convert it into the small car so you can save more and spend money on your business instead of spending on liabilities who takes money but not give you money.


Well! If you are using highly expensive clothing brands then I will tell you, you are making a mistake and spending lots of money without any reason on shitty stuff. Just use the low prices dresses in a comment routine even in office that looks nice but have less price. Don’t spend extra amount to buy expensive brands.

All in all Tips

  1. Food
  2. Cell Phones
  3. Home
  4. Transports
  5. Clothing