7 Ultimate Small Business Technologies For Business Growth

7 ultimate small business technologies for business growth

Small Business Technologies For Small Business

It is the need of the time when we should look ahead to the growth of small business through technologies. As we know the world is emerging in technologies. The trend of communications and marketing have been changed now and we all are dependent on technologies.  So it’s time to enhance the growth of your small business. We at sharpinside have accumulated the list of 7 ultimate small business technologies for your business growth.

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Cloud Services

This is the digital area and everything is emerging technologies. As we mentioned above trends of doing business has changed now. You don’t need to save their important documents in files holders. This may increase your business expenses. You can use the different cloud services to save their important documents, images, and videos.

4 best cloud services:

  1. Google drive
  2. Drop Box
  3. Box
  4. Apple Cloud

Open Source Software’s

You don’t need to buy expensive software to accomplish office task. You can use open source software’s there are many open source software available. One of my favorites is openoffice.org the complete office software suite. You can use it for documentation, presentation and designing purpose.

Social Media For Business Growth

This is one of the biggest platforms to market your business within a short span of time. You can use a different type of social media platform to communicate with masses. If are a beginner, you can learn 6 powerful lessons of social media marketing and 5 secret tips to become a social media expert.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is another aspect of marketing small business usually use to marketing their company and product on social media. This is an effective way to communicate your target audience just in 30 seconds video. You can use moovly it is the cheap and easy to use. The platform that you can use for video marketing. You can this platform without any charges.

find the ways of small business growth through technologies

Email Marketing

This is another way to market the goods and services that small businesses use for the growth of their businesses. I usually use the convertkit for the email marketing because it is easy and not an expensive service.

Other top email marketing tool

  1. Mail Chimp
  2. Active Campaign
  3. Campaign monitor


Many big businesses use blogging for the marketing purpose. You can also use this to communicate with their target audience regarding your goods and services. This is a cheap platform where you can target masses and explain them in a better way with images, pictures, and videos. Here you can find the other benefits of blogging and how to pick an amazing blog name. if you want to earn money with blogging then here you can find the detailed post on start blogging for money beginners guide.

Mobilizing Your Business

You should mobilize your business right know. You can’t go everywhere and can’t monitor everything through Desktop and Laptop. Just use smartphones, make the website of your company and check your audience feedback through smart devices. Don’t worry about lots of messages and emails just collect your all messages and email under one roof. here are some tips also available to increase the productivity through smartphones.


We recommend you to use above mentioned small business technologies to your business growth. Even though many of big business use these technologies to interact and communicate with their target audience.