13 SEO Stats For 2017 That Will Boost Your Business

13 seo stats for 2017

To Keeps you updated with the SEO knowledge to stand at the top of your industry and grow your online presence, we at sharpinside have made the infographic that is comprised of 13 SEO stats for 2017 that will show you how much SEO is important for your business. If you don’t have any knowledge about SEO, then you must have a look Because, these stats are going to give you a big shock.

13 SEO Stats For 2017 Infographic

To Help you stay at the top of the industry,
These stats that we have mentioned in infographic will show you 93 % of online experiences start with the search engines. Therefore, it clearly indicates that majority of people use search engines like Google, Being and Yahoo to find something instead of social media.

However, I am not saying that social media marketing is not effective for your businesses. Social media has several benefits, but here I am trying to show you SEO stats for 2017 that can help you to grow your business, increase your online presence and to get new customers.

Beside this, it will also show you that only 33% small and medium businesses have optimized their websites which can give you lead over your competitors if they are not doing SEO for their business growth.

It also shows you 89 % of marketers says SEO is highly advantageous for the company growth because it increases your search engine ranking. So, people can find you easily. The more you will rank the keywords in search engine related to your niche the more people will be able to find you in the search engine.

So, here is the complete infographic that will explain you 13 surprising SEO stats for 2017. You must have a look to stay updated in the crowd because just you are the one who can give a boost to your business.

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13_seo_stats_for_2017_32021213 seo stats for 2017 – An infographic by the team at sharpinside

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