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Sharpinside is directed by the following policy

We at sharpinside respect your privacy and we don’t share or sell your personal information to others. The objective of the privacy policy is to inform you that what kind of information we may assemble and how it may be used.

What information do we collect?

  • We may store and receive information from when you interact with the website for the purpose of comments, subscribe to the newsletter, through email when someone contacts But currently, we are just collecting the information when users interact with the website through comments. In future, we may be collect the information through subscribing us option.
  • We may collect the information when someone interacts with our website such as your computer IP address and user browsers information that are used to customize the content or layout of our website for each visitor.
  • At this time, we are not using any third party links and advertising.
  • This website just uses the google analytics to measure the website traffic statistics and we don’t transfer any personal information from the website. You can visit google analytics privacy policy page for more information.
  • The website use cookies to ensure the page traffic, visitors preferences. This information helps us to understand the visitors interest to develop our website. Cookeis does not cover personal information. Its Depend on your browsers that you use, you can always set your priority to block and refuse cookies.

Do we share the personal information with third parties?

No, we do not sell or share our visitor’s information with any third parties. We at sharpinside are fully concerned with your personal information and we don’t disclose with anyone.

Alteration and removal of Personal Information

We usually don’t use any personal information of our visitors. But in that case, if you find that your personal information is being disclosed on this website. You can always contact us at and ask us to remove or alteration of the information.

Update: 22-Jan-2017

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