8 Significant Reasons to Write the Letter of Interest with Sample

8 significant reasons to write the letter of interest with sample and format

There could be many reasons for every individual to write the letter of interest but the thing is that we don’t use this powerful tool. Even we don’t know about the situation in which we must use the letter of interest to get the things done in your favor.

Actually, we people are inferior, and we don’t think out if the box. Because we have already made the perception that we can’t get that thing and we can’t do this big thing. We always underestimate their selves and create the restrictions in our mind that ultimately stop us from thinking out of the box.

8 Significant Reason To Write The Letter Of Interest

Similarly, a letter of interest is the most powerful tool which we can use in the different strange situation but we don’t pay the attention to it. Here I am going to write down the 8 significant reason that will force you to write the letter of interest. But firstly I would like to clear you about the cover letter and the letter of interest.

A cover letter is the one that you write and attached with your resume to apply for the job. But the letter of interest is something different thing and we just write it to show their interest to work with someone either an organization.

1. Letter Of Interest To Find A Job

If you are looking for a dream job from a long time and have applied several times in different organizations but you are not getting a call for the interview. Then you must use the letter of interest and drop it in your desired organizations after writing about their interest in few beautiful lines.

Just write few lines in professional ways and show them their interest. If there will be a vacancy in future then definitely they will call you for the interview.

2.  Letter Of Interest For The American Embassy To Get Visa

Everyone knows America is the super power and getting the American visa is not as easy as you think. Just write the letter of interest to the embassy personal that why you want to visit the America and show your keen interest in the letter. Try at least once to get the call for the interview. There will be a big chance for you if you convince them through the letter instead of applying through the normal procedure.

3. To Get The Contract

We all want to see their new businesses in growing path but sometimes we don’t get the contracts and feel disappointed regarding their ventures. If you experiencing this problem then In that scenario, you can write the few amazing lines about your companies and their values to show you interest with particular companies. This activity will increase your chance to get the contract if you have agreed on the company through the letter of interest.

4. Letter Of Interest For The Business Partnership

This is another best reason to use the letter of interest for those people who are looking for the business partnership from a long time. Yes, you can also write about your business partnership interest to whom you want to see a partner. Your letter of interest can create the high impact if you use it in a right way. So you have to be careful if you are curious about your business partnership. Here is the 6 tips every beginner needs to know before starting a business.

5. Letter Of Interest To Buy The Shares

Do you have a huge interest in shares buying and selling and you always seeking opportunities to make the profitable investment? Then you can take the advantage through a letter of interest just a write the letter off to the company administration name to become a shareholder. It is the easy to get your job done instead of visiting stock markets. Visiting stock market can also be helpful for you but the sometimes letter of interest can open the door of big opportunities for you.

6. Use The Letter Of Interest To Get Married

Lol. This one is funniest but it is true that you can also use the letter of interest t to purpose someone to get married. There could be few reason to take the benefits from the letter. For example, if you don’t have guts to propose directly either you don’t want to do this through face to face conversation. In that case, you can use the letter of interest.

7. To Get the Project From The Government

It doesn’t matter where you live and which one is your country. Write the awesome letter of interest to the name of the related department or personal and send them to get the working opportunity in future by showing your working interest.

8. To Get The Project From International Companies 

If you are interested in working with any international brand just like coca cola or any big name that can be significant for you company portfolio. All you need to do this just write and send the letter of interest in few beautiful lines like that you want to work with then due to  this and this reason. If there will be working opportunity they will definitely ping to at least once.

How To Write A Letter Of Interest?

As I had explained at the start of my article that the letter of interest is the piece of professional writing which we use to get the future opportunities and above are the few reason to write the letter of interest.

Letter of interest format

1.Start with the Contact Person

It is the first phase to write the letter of interest which my hiding of this point clearly shows that, you should always start with the exact name and designation of a person to whom you are going to send the letter.

2.Content of The Letter

This is the 2nd important phase and you have to be concerned about this in the true sense.
However, the content of your letter contains just on 2 important W’s and 1 H. See the below example.

.Why the company should take interest in you.
.What are your basic skills
.How you will prove yourself as a beneficial asset for the  company

These were the 3 essential things that will add in your letter content. But keep one important thing in mind your letter of interest should be short and simple. you don’t need to add the complexity in it.


The 3rd important thing is that you have to conclude your letter by telling them you would like to meet to find the possible opportunities.

4.Personal Information

This is the end section of your letter. You just need to write your name, contact and email address so the employer can easily contact you.

Letter of interest sample


Hiring authority name
Company nameDear Mr. /Ms.I came to know about (Company Name) through the Television Ad. As I have decided to start my career in the marketing and I am highly interested in learning about your organization while in the professional working environment.I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from (Your University Name). During my studies, I have completed internship in marketing department of (Your Internship Company name)

For you handiness, I have attached my detailed resume which comprises on my skills, qualification, and skills. It would be highly appreciated if I get the chance for the introductory interview to discuss the possible opportunities.

I encourage your time to consider my request. I look forward to the interview.


You Name


Cell No