5 Easy Ways To Free Lots Of Space From Your IPhone


5 Easy Ways To Free Lots Of Space From Your iPhone

Your iPhone space has filled with lots of unnecessary things that you are not using. And this lots of free stuff may take the vast space on your iPhone or IPad. We at Sharpinside make a list of 5 easy ways to free lots of space from your iPhone. The objective is to write about this, is to impart the information for iPhone users. Keep learning to find out the Tips.

Check your available space and usage

Firstly you need to know that how much your Phone is taking space and how much you have free space in your iPhone. To check this, you need to go in your iPhone settings then go General>Manage Store. By getting your destination, you will find the Used & available option at your Top Screen.


Internal Downloading

After finding the free and usage space in your iPhone. Find out those apps which are taking the high space due to the internal downloading. It may be possible because there are lots of apps exist who seems minuscule in size but they are taking lots of space due to internal downloading.

Delete The Animated And Unused Games

Beware the Animated games because this kind of games takes lots of space on your iPhone due to the high quality of the games. And don’t forget to delete the remaining games apps because always take the more space as compare to other apps.

Don’t use the Photo Stream Options

Don’t use the Phot and Video stream options on your IOS device. Because your iPhone can sync 10000 pictures automatically, that means it is taking almost 1GB Space twice. So always turn off your photos and video streaming option.

Always Use the Dropbox and Google Drive

I would recommend you to use Google Drive and drop box to save your images instead of your iPhone. Because by doing this you can free the lots of space. And the both services are free.