Google Drive Storage App Has Been Updated

Google drive storage app

The world biggest search engine giant Google has updated his Google Drive Storage App on IOS along with a new feature for those users who want to switch their Phone from Android to IOS. As per this new update user will have the option to access on data such as Contacts, Calendar and Camera Roll when they will sing up in their new devices.

How to use it?

For using it, you just have to go on your Launch Drive on your IOS then select the Backup while going in the setting menu, after that choose the option element that you want in a backup. By doing this, your device will start to create the backup, but it may take few minutes depending on how much Contacts, Pictures and other data you have stored in your phone device.

Google drive storage app

This Image will Show you all settings.

Google drive storage app

This new tool just helps you to migrate your data through Wi-Fi. But this automatic option will not help you to move the text music and other things, but hopefully, this type of support will be introduced soon by Google.

Apple First Android App

Expect this, keeping the user’s convenience in mind Apple has also released the new app, which is Apples first App “MOVE TO IOS” that will also help the IOS user to skip their mobile phone form Android to Apple.

Move To IOS will also help the users to migrate their essential data Such as Contact, Camera roll Data & calendar through Wi-Fi. Just you need to enter a security code that will be displayed on your mobile screens and select the data that you want to move.

Follow the instruction in below picture. 

Google drive storage app 



This app will also help you with your previous iPhone and its only support KitKat 4.0 or a new version of Android devices.