5 Tips To Get The Google Best Search

google best search

We all know Google is the biggest giant among all search engines like Yahoo, Ask.com, Being & other search engines that are being used. But between all search engines, Millions and trillions of people are using just Google because of its best search results. But the question is that how we can get the best google best search.

It’s a tricky question because not everyone is familiar with this, we at sharpinside prepared four easy guides for our readers so they could get best benefits searches.

How To Get The Google Best Search

Usage of “*” Asterisk

If you forget phrases or some kind of sayings and quotes, then don’t forget to use the asterisk “*” at the end of keywords. Because Google takes this sign as a missing word. And you can use this symbol to find some kind of quotes, sayings, and phrases.

google best search

Do not search with useless words

Keep one trick in your mind while searching on google that you don’t have to use the extra and unnecessary words in keywords. Because Google may miss this kind of individual words such as is, of, the, etc. just forget anything that you don’t need while searching on google.

Don’t ask full questions

If you are searching something with the full question like and you are using some sort of extra words. For example, you are asking something like that “where is the antigate option in Mercedes Benz” probably you will not get the exact search that you are expecting from Google.

Use of “Site:”

If you are finding something important and you are not getting it, just use the “site:” before your keywords, and you will find the all related search of that particular keywords. For example, if you write the “Site:”sharpinside.com in google search bar then you come up with all pages of sharpinside.com