6 Best Social Networking Sites Like Facebook

6 Best Social Networking Sites Like Facebook

6 Best Social Networking Sites Like Facebook

Social media now become a part of our lives. Peoples are directly or indirectly connected with social media. Few of them are using social media just for time spending and entertainment purpose, but other are using social media sites give the boost of their business, for a networking purpose and to keep themselves updates with the world latest news. In this article, we will inform you about the 6 best website like Facebook. We here at sharpinsdie prepared the list of 6 best site like Facebook that you should know to keep yourself updated.
Here is a detailed post about 3 top social media sites for earning purpose


It is the great site like Facebook but the modality of this site if a little bit different from Facebook. If you are in abroad and working there, then it may be the greatest platform to connect with your family. In additions, this site will provide you different information related to your current location in well-written articles such as modern cities with deals proposals and places that you should visit.


Muut is another great social site like Facebook that allows their users for creating their private community. You can say that it’s a fun base social site but its work like discussion forums. The discussion forum is easily formed and manage. The best things about must because it allows their user to keep their conversation private or public it’s totally up to you.


The majority of them are already familiar with Linkedin it is the most common and most popular network among professionals. It’s a professional social networking site that allows professional to build their profiles and help them to connect with other millions of professional users. You can use this site to develop their business to make the employment relations

Google Plus+

Google plus was the newest addition to social sites. It is not too much popular among general users. But it is more frequently used by bloggers, Seo Masters to make the high-rank sites on Google, and these sites allow users to create their own identity.


Well, Xing is the site with most of the similar features to LinkedIn. At Xing, you can create your professional profile, market yourself and could get your dream job.

Putting Altogether

  1. InterNations.org
  2. Muut
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google Plus+
  5. Xing