Facebook Fake News Tool

Facebook is developing Facebook Fake News Tool To Identify Fake News Stories.

Finally, Facebook has announced to develop the “Facebook fake news tool” new tool to identify the fake news and stories. We all know there are lots of fake news that we see on daily bases on this social network, and it has very difficult for Facebook users to identify the accuracy of that particular news. But do not worry, this has finalized the by the company after facing some issues. And we all hope that Facebook management will be advantageous to overcome the fake news and stories issues.

Facebook is developing “Facebook Fake News Tool” To Identify Fake News Stories.

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Facebook has announced that the tool will allow users to report the fake news and stories by using the “Report” option that has already been mentioned in a Facebook post. But the social network company added the new option “it’s a fake news story” that allow the users to quickly report the news story by marking on it and this will notify the person how posted the fake news story about the story.




To report the fake news the company has also announced the partnership with the third party that is fact to check companies.

Facebook fake news tool


Facebook mentioned that is going to work with 5 groups which include ABC News, FactCheck.Org, Ap, Poltifact and Snopes as reported by The Guardiane.

The more interesting thing is that “If a story is considered to fail the fact check, it will be publicly flagged as doubtful by third party fact checker” whenever it will appear on the Facebook. And users will be able to know why this news story is doubtful or disputed or if the social network users still want to share that special news they will be notified by another warning about the news story accuracy and reliability.