3 Powerful Apps To Combine All Your Messages In One Roof


Powerful Apps To Combine All Your Messages

If you use lots of different messaging apps like twitter, Facebook, whatsApp, we chat, Skype and others to connect with your overseas friends, family, and clients. We know how difficult is it to connect all of them using different apps in a whole day. But how you will feel if all your messages would come under one roof by using all different apps account. Here at sharpinside we prepared the list of 3 powerful apps to combine all your messages in one roof.

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It is most powerful app to control different apps messages in one roof. It give many different options to their users to use multiple social apps. It means, it covers the wide range of services such as messenger, Skype, Telegram, Hip chat, Hangout, along many other popular services. It is well polished, fast and professional app with the easy interface. It also allow their users to use different email services like Gmail & outlook and it is available for windows, mac and Linux.


This is one of the second best app to use multiple social apps in one roof. Its works pretty like Franz. Simply you can say that this is the best alternative source of Franz. Its currently covers a lot more services. You can also putt the password to secure your all accounts on Rambox. It also enable their users to use different social app services through VPN if any option is block in your Country and Area. Overalls it is the best alternative of Franz and like Franz it’s also available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

All in One Messenger

The Number 3rd best option to combine all messages. It has more narrow coverage list. You can use many accounts of the same messenger. All In One is very simple and well design app it’s also available for the chrome Web App.

  1. Franz
  2. Rambox
  3. All in One Messenger