Best Smartphone Apps For Android And IOS

best smartphone apps

4 best smartphone apps

The Market of smartphone devices have been growing very fast just like the usage of smartphone devices are being increased day by day. Android is the most common technology in smartphone devices. Android Technology is driving over 70 to 80 % of phones.
Usage of these devices is entirely depended on the different Apps that we usually use for the different purposes. The usage of these Apps are important to the effective and efficient use of Android devices. We at Sharpinside make the list of 4 best smartphone apps that you can use for different purpose.


WhatsApp is the most popular app to communicate with other. You can download this app through your Android Google App Store and use it for Text messages, voice messages calls and to share the documents such as PDF, images, Gif, and videos as well. This is the most popular app that is acquired by Facebook.

AVG Antivirus

AVG is the Antivirus App to protect the mobiles from viruses. This is the most popular app against viruses. AVG Antivirus is also available for IOS and computer systems. This brand was launched in 1992. Having this app in your mobile, you can save your phone from threats and viruses.

Drop Box

DropBox is the best app to save your mobile data. This app is frequently used by Android users. And this is also available for computer systems and Laptops. Usually, it is used for data saving purpose.


Well, YouTube is the biggest search engine to search any kind of videos. We all are familiar with this brand. You can get all kind of videos, songs, movies, webinars and much more related to your interest. You can find this brand in your Android app store, and you can also get this app through your mobiles browsers.