Amazon Introduce Amazon Go Tech Store For Shopping

Amazon go tech store

We all familiar with the old way of shopping in retail stores and there is a team describe things to those people who walk into a store, they help the walking customers to buy and take them towards the cashier for the payments.  But do you think is it a long going procedure instead of Amazon Go tech store? I do not believe so….

Do You Know About Amazon Go Tech Store?

Here at sharpinside, we are introducing the new Amazon Go technology to keeps you updated.

Because the big giant of online shopping store Amazon has recently out his new ad that is going viral on social media platforms. Where you can see the new transformation of shopping in retail stores. And its not be wrong if we say that Amazon go technology will be the part of our breaths in future.

How does it work?

Just make a plan and go to shopping, when you enter in a store using Amazon go technology then you don’t need to go on cash counter to pay the bills. Just pick some cupcakes and lovely gifts for your loved ones and go out form the store because Amazon go technology will automatically take the money from a nominated card.

Amazon go tech store

This is a hectic learn for shopping without dealing with any cashier or store manager. Amazon go is a combination of sensors, computer vision and machine learning it is also called “just walk out the technology.”  And this means that whenever you pick up something from the store the Amazon go technology will determine automatically, not just picking something up this technology also learn when you are putting something back.

This is looking beautiful and exciting stuff because you will not have to pay for the sandwiches and candies that you want to buy and you will not have to wait in bills paying counters. Because Amazon Go technology is always there to facilitate you.