5 Technology Addictions You Should Be Concerned About

5 Technology Addictions You Should Be Concerned About

5 Technology Addictions

Many of people think that technology is making our life easier. They believe that technology is fantastic, new findings and creation are making human life very easy. It is right. If we talk about medical disabilities technology is giving new hope to those people who are medically disabled. Beside every kind of benefits, technology also has some threats for human life. The major threat of technology is the addiction. It will not be wrong if we say technology addictions has similar thirst as the desire of any drug. Having technology addictions, many people don’t notice that they are addicted to technology. Here at sharpinside, we bring together 5 technology addictions that you should be concerned about.

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Mobile Phone Addictions

This is the era of smartphones. We can do a lot of different work on their smartphones instead of opening a laptop and taking it every time with their selves. There is no two opinion that smartphones have made human life easier but we are getting addiction of smartphone. We like we perform every task on their smartphones. For example, we don’t use our mind we use phone calculator, we don’t remind things in our mind we make a reminder in our smartphones. Similarly, there are many other tasks that we like to do on smartphones. Even many times we pick our phone without any reason and open the social sites to scroll up.

Gaming Addictions

Gaining addictions is very dangerous for health. Usually, we found this addiction in children’s. Although it’s a good way to engage your kids when you are doing some important work. But the continually growing habit of gaming can effect of your children physical health. You kids are growing, and if they are not doing any physical activity or they are playing games every time then, it is possible that gaming addiction can change your children behaves and it is also is affected on your kid’s health.

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Tv Addictions

Everyone is used to watch TV in their homes and workplaces. It may be good for you to spend your extra time with your family and friends. But it is very alarming for you and your children’s if you people have developed this habit to watch the Tv continually. Addiction of Tv has many bad impacts on human nature, eyes, and mind even at heart. We usually think we are just enjoying and watching tv to spend some quality time. But we don’t believe that it can be dangerous for us.

Internet Addiction5 Technology Addictions You Should Be Concerned About

Addiction of internet is growing very fast in millennials. They spend a couple of hours on the internet to use Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp just to pass their free time. They don’t believe in to go outside and to do some physical activates. Many people in the world including myself just waste their couple of hours just to browse on internet daily and end up by checking social sites. Internet addiction is constantly destroying our social life and reducing productive work from our life. I waste many hours on using social media without any purpose instead of doing some productive work. It is ok if we are using the internet for some useful work, but it is not ok to use without any reason.

Online Shopping Addiction

With the growing industry of e-commerce. The trend of online shopping has been increasing very fast. I have seen people who used to shop through online platforms. If they have nothing to do and they are getting bored, they just go online shopping store to start searching things. Even they know, they will not get some good stuff, but they spend many hours to searching different things on online shopping stores.

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