5 Solid Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Confidence

5 Solid bad Habits That Are Killing Your Confidence

Solid Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Confidence

Self-confidence is the capricious habit that can change time to time and situation to situation. Despite this, some people have the marvelous amount of confidence, some people are on mid-level, and some have little confidence. Those who seem like low and mid confident, they think or believe that they are a week as compare to full confident people. They confess and convince themselves as a weak person in front of others. But actually they are wrong and they have built a wrong perception about themselves. Nevertheless, there are many habits which they do in daily life and those habits put their self down.

Here at sharpinside, in our previous post we had made the list of 6 ways to increase self-confidence, now this time we come up with 5 solid bad habits that are killing your confidence. So you can give up on them to become a confident person in your life.

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Seeking Approval From Others

A fully confident person does not seek approval to build self-confidence. They don’t like to please other people. They just do habits that they really want to do. They don’t ask from other people how to do it. They just do by their self. They understand that not every single individual will agree with them. This kind of people believes on a strong relationship with quality people. Don’t let the opinion of others to define your personality. Just know your strength, who you are, what you can do and stop seeking approval from others. By giving up on this habit you can gain more confidence. This is one of the big solid bad habit.

5 Solid bad Habits That Are Killing Your Confidence

Negative Thinking

Whenever we do over thinking it automatically diverts our thoughts on the negative side. Highly confident people don’t let the negative thinking control their mind. They think but they don’t think about negative habits. They do focus on positive side instead of the negative side. Many people are used to negative thinking that kills their self-confidence. For example, they think like we can’t do this and we can’t achieve the big amount of money as much as we want. Thins kinds of negative thoughts build the lack of confidence. Try to overcome it and you will see the difference soon.

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When You Feel Lack Of Knowledge

This thing usually comes in events parties and networking places when people don’t talk with others and feel hesitation to talk with new peoples. This is what happen when you feel the lack of knowledge and you feel hesitate that people will laugh at you when you will talk about something and they will think about you that you are not a smart. To overcome this habit you should take a part in your interesting conversation if you cannot talk about that particular topic you must listen carefully to get the knowledge. So next time you can also talk about with full confidence. Try to get knowledge as much as you cannot just from the books learn from everything and get information. This is my personal experience that I am sharing with you.


Every mid and small level of confidence person thinks that those people are perfect who have full confident and they try to make their self as a perfect person. But they are truly wrong. Nobody is perfect and nobody can be a perfect without life experience and learnings. Some people try to seem like a perfect person and they get disappointed due to a lot of stress. “Don’t let the bad habits to kill your confidence”.

View Of Failure

This is the most important and last one habit or you can just say a thing this is your view of failure. That’s mean the way of looking a failure. A successful and most confident person never look a failure in a negative view. They experience everything in their lives and they learn from it. But failures and less confident people just look the failure in a negative way and they think we have failed. Basically, that is the biggest solid bad habit that is killing your confidence

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The purpose was writing about 5 solid bad habits that are killing yourself is that to tell you, you should never underestimate yourself. Just proud of yourself that who you are. Don’t degrade yourself in front of others. When you confess something bad about yourself then people start talking about you. Try to learn things and do not look for the others approvals just do it that you want to do if you fail you will learn and if you win you will be a winner. At the end control on your solid bad habits that are killing you.