5 Negative Money Belief That Everyone Should Know

negative money belief

5 Negative Money Belief.

If you are a money lover and you are not making money as much as you want to make. Probably you are holding negative money belief about yourself that are discontinuing you to get more money. We at sharpinside listed the top 5 negative money belief for you, so, you can overcome on them.

I am not creditable

This is the one extreme negative belief, the majority of people especially youth have an issue that they are not worthy and they can’t make money in their lives as much as they want. This belief “I am not credible” could be more dangerous for you. Because it will take you down and stop you from achieving more.

Money is the root of all evil

This is the common belief in our minds. Remember just in our minds, that “money is the root of all evil” and usually you will find the serval people who will be talking about this faith. But I believe that it’s 100% wrong because just you are the one and it’s your mindset who could get yourself in immorality.

I am not better than rich people

Lack of self-confidence is the biggest factor to keep you down to earn more money. It may create some physiological effects in your mind. Try to keep save yourself from this negative belief because if you didn’t overcome on it you would become the insecure person and you will begin thinking like that rich people are better from you but in actually they are not.

Rich people are dishonest

Most of the people are believe that rich people are corrupt. But this is not the real belief. In your life, you may find some middle and lower class dishonest people, and you will also find some wealthy people who will be honest and may be helping hands for you to earn more money.

I will be failed

The fear of failure will always distract you to achieve more and earn make more money. It’s just our perception and fear that stops you to do something significant and more achievable.