5 Highest Paid Jobs Around The World

highest paid jobs

If this is the start of your career and you are struggling to get your future secure financially? And you don’t know what you have to do or which profession is right for you to get the higher paid job. Don’t worry, here at sharpinside, we have brought together a list of 5 highest paid jobs that everyone needs to know before choosing your profession.

 5 Highest Paid Jobs Around The World


Well, we all have a perception about doctors that they earn too much money. Yes, this is right attitude. Doctors are highly paid, not just in Asian countries but around the world. If you talk about global salaries, Doctors of Netherlands are get highest salaries estimated $250,000 per month.


If we talk about teaching profession, then you must go to Switzerland, because this country will pay you very high around $65,000 per month. Just you need to have specialized master degree and experience in your related field.


Dentist is also doctors, but they just offer treatment of teeth’s. In Spain, dentist is highly paid doctors they almost get $170,842 per month. You just need to obtain the degree from Spanish university that should be officially recognized.

Software Developers

If you are thinking to join IT industry and want to become a software developer. Then you must go Switzerland to find a job. Because after the teaching profession Switzerland pays highest salaries to software developers. Their estimated salaries are around $104,185 that is more than American salaries. This is what Switzerland is the best location for the software developers.

Construction Mangers

Construction managers in UAE are earned more as compare to others countries, to get the work in this profession in UAE you need to acquire some standard requirements including Residence Visa. UAE construction managers estimated earn $75,000 to $81,900 per month.